Antonio Vivaldi Biography – The Classic Music Guide 101

Antonio Vivaldi Biography – The Classic Music Guide 101

If you’re a fanatic or have a craze for the olden day music composers, then you’ve probably heard of the name Antonio Vivaldi. He was a prolific composer who has hundreds and thousands of music composition under his name. Antonio’s music career was born in the 17th and the 18th century when he also become one of the most famous figures in the European classical music industry.

About Antonio Vivaldi

Comprising the full name of Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, this famous musician and an Italian composer was born on March 4th in 1678, in Venice. He was an ordained priest who had an inclination towards music. After following his passion, he created hundreds of amazing creations, and shortly also became popular for his concertos in Baroque style.

Two of his most famous work included Agrippa and Bajazet. Vivaldi’s father was a professional violinist, from whom he imparted the skills. Vivaldi took classes from some of the most famous and renewed violinists in town. Even though he had a flair for the musical wind instruments, he could not pursue it because of his problem in the shortness of breath.

His early age religious training led this to the path of becoming a priest at the age of 15, and he was ordained in 1703. Since the musician had red hair, he was called, “il Prete Rosso,” which translates to “The Red Priest.” However, his health problem did not support him in the journey of being a priest, and he had to give up to the path shortly.

Musical Career


He became the master of violin at the age of 25, at the Devout hospital of Mercy in Venice. It was an institution where the orphans received normal instructions and music lessons. Due to his extensive and quality leadership skills, the orchestra gained international importance and attention. He also became a music director in 1716. Simultaneously, he was also practicing the opera scores in 1715 and to this day, we have 50 of his scores. Two of the most successful among them are La constanza trinfante and Farnace.

During his employment in Mantua, between 1717 and 1721, he wrote four of his famous compositions called The Four Seasons. From the Europeans to the royal families everyone enjoyed Vivaldi’s work and was also a favorite composer of Emperor Charles VI who honoured him by calling him a knight.

 Lifestyle and Death

Due to his fame in the early years as a musician and a composer, he attracted financial success as well. However, after moving from Venice post the death of the king, he failed to cope with his finances and finally died on July 28, 1741, due to poverty. Even to this day, his work and music is enjoyed by scholars. After Alfredo Casella recognized his work in 1939, his music is being played in different parts of the world from the World War II. His work includes over 500 concertos which were even infused by famous and subsequent composers like Sebastian Bach.


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