Facts about George Frideric Handel you probably didn’t know

Facts about George Frideric Handel you probably didn’t know

Born in 1705, George Frideric Handel was one of the greatest composers of the Baroque era. He started his musical journey as an opera composer with his first debut with Almira. His work and musical talent instantly gained popularity after which he released hundreds of operas under the Royal Academy of music in 1727. He also started composing the oratorios, of which Messiah is one of his famous works.


George Frideric Handel was born in Bach, Germany on 23rd February 1685.

Playing the Clavichord in the secret

Handel’s father was a lawyer who was not fond of his son’s music career or passion. Despite many attempts to stop his son from pursuing the music career, Handle’s dedication did not stop him from reaching his goal.   He used to practice his favourite instrument, the clavichord at the attic and hide it up there once he was done with his practice.

 Matthenson’s Duel

A bizarre incident that took place in 1704 with Johann Matthenson, cut short Handle’s music career tragically. Some legends and believers say that the composers had gotten into a quarrel, which was quite intense which stuck a button on Handles’ chest rather than his own chest. However, some facts convey this news to be false and also the reasons are apparently unknown.

Career in London

George Frideric Handel’s music, however, was a super hit in London when he moves there to compose music in 1712. He received a generous salary of 200 pounds (ca. 91 kg) regularly, from Queen Anne herself.

First London success

Rinaldo was the composer’s first-ever opera, where the stage and the event were set up specifically for him. It took place at the Queen’s Theater in Haymaker. This is regarded as one of his first, and the greatest success.

Acis and Galaatea

Although his work in the English language was not entirely popular in the beginning of his journey, Acis and Galatea were one of his most famous ones and the most popular one’s as well. The composition even received a rewritten version by a famous Mozart in the year 1788. Handel house museum

His house slap-bang which is located right in the middle of the Mayfair is considered as the permanent monument to his life and his dedication to music. It is also treated as a piece to remember his great works in the field of music and composition. The building was renowned in 1723, which exactly depicts how the composer would’ve kept it, until he died in the year 1759. Diva Strops

His popularity grew so much overtime that Handel was allowed to choose his own leading ladies at his opera performances.

His health issues

Although he struggled to gain popularity in the early stages of his music career, it was not until his later stages in life he gained the popularity of being the best composer of all times. However, he was a victim of stoke and suffered massively from it in 1737. He also had various health issues and was blinded after a cataract operation in 17550. He wrote one of his great works when he was becoming blind and died in 1759.


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