The most famous tunes in classical music

The most famous tunes in classical music

There are many popular tunes that everyone has hummed once in their life, but there is a possibility that you do not know the name. In this article, we are trying to introduce you to some of the classical music that you might have heard but not known the name of.

Mozart- Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik also officially named Serenade No.13 for strings in G Major. It was composed by the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who games the piece its nickname. This is the music which has been used in Charlie’s Angels, Alien, Ace Ventura, and other countless TV programs and advertisements

Beethoven- Fir Elise

Beethoven- Fir Elise

This piece was never published in Beethoven’s life and was later published 40 years after his death. No one is quite sure why what the original title of Elise was but many musicologists things that it was copied incorrectly and was originally called ‘Fur Therese’. This was one of those records which have a simple yet catchy melody which was a charming piece played on the piano.

Puccini- O mio babbino caro’ from Gianni Schicchi

There are many in the world who have heard his music yet wouldn’t recognize the song s by Puccini. It came from Gianni Schicchi who pulled of a one-act opera about the lengths that the family will go through to inherit money from the elderly. The song is performed by Young Lauretta, who is pleading with the father to allow her to marry Rinuccio.

JS Bach- Toccata and Fugue in D minor

Bach is a piece which is performed by one of the best artists which is guaranteed to blow your mind. It is now associated with a lot of horror movies and has made an appearance in the opening credits of Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Beethoven- Symphony No.5 in C minor

Beethoven symphonies are some of the most famous chords which can allow you to enjoy the music. There are many critics suggest that Beethoven will have a good impact on your mind and body as you listen to music and can complement a few pop songs as well.

Vivaldi- The Four Seasons

The four seasons is a group of four violin concerts by Antonio Vivaldi. There are many musical expressions to a season of the year. This is the song which has a lot to do with the chattering of teeth in winter. There are four concertos which have allowed people to become more famous and can also work well as a ringtone.

Bizet- Carmen

Bizet Opera Carmen is from 1875, which is jam-packed with catchy tunes from the ‘Toreador’s song to the Habanera, which can allow you to enjoy the music. This is the music which was recently heard in the Pixar movie UP and also is the epic cover for Tom and Jerry.



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